Thursday, June 21, 2007

When all else fails, use a sports analogy

Let’s say there’s a basketball team. Its best player is Jack, a forward who scores the most points – say 16 per game, not exactly Jordanesque – while hearing the loudest cheers from the fans and getting the most press coverage. But in an 82-game season, the team wins only 12 games. And in an arena that seats 20,000, it averages just 7,000 fans per game.

The next year, a new point guard named Fred joins the team. He is happy to pass the ball, and in doing so helps Jack score 24 points per game. The team wins 48 games, makes the playoffs and draws 18,000 fans per game. Naturally, Fred gets significant press coverage along with Jack, and the fans give him hearty cheers previously only heard by Jack.

Should Jack be happy that he’s playing on a winning team, scoring more points and hearing cheers from a greater number of fans? Or should he pout and whine because his success was in part facilitated by Fred, who gains some notice and shares some credit in the process?

As a member of Operation: Turn DuPage Blue never motivated by animosity but merely by the desire to be represented by Democrats, it’s mind-boggling that anyone would take issue with the giving, or taking, of such an ‘assist.’ Aren’t we all on the same team?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In the words of Woodrow Wilson: "If you want to make enemies, try to change something."

This is OTDB's response to some of the postings on (referenced in the post below here)

Operation: Turn DuPage Blue is thrilled at the movement that is going on here in DuPage. Tension is a result of any transformational process (a necessity, in fact) and OTDB is part of the transformation in DuPage democracy so it’s no surprise the two are being associated. Democrats of all stripes all over DuPage are working together, challenging each other, and regrouping in an effort to—like rocks in one of those noisy polishers--- bring out our best qualities as well as toughen up for the task ahead.

In the next 4-12 years, DuPage local state and federal representation is going to change for the better and begin working on behalf of EVERYONE who lives here not JUST the Republican party. Several forces are at work—1) the Bush Administration and its disastrous war have been a huge wake-up call for those who have reflexively voted Republican all their lives 2) more people of color are making productive new lives in the suburbs and 3) the grassroots Dems with the help of DFA, PDA, Peace and Justice Groups etc. have made great electoral strides, nearly winning a state rep race. We all know the time is near for the quantum leap that will change the face of DuPage and we plan to be ready.

We welcome anyone who understands and respects the tension and inherent benefits of this transformation in DuPage to join us at our next meeting on June 28th. Professor, author, columnist, former alderman and party-machine cracker, Dick Simpson will be our speaker. He will tell us how our campaign to break this arcane one-party stranglehold might be best done and help us all understand how vital our involvement is to this task. Please go to for more information.

In August, OTDB, along with the Greater Chicago Caucus, has invited Camp Wellstone to the College of DuPage. Spaces are limited and we would like DuPage activists to have first run (particularly those who are interested in candidacy) so please write to if you would like to start off August of 2007 and the election season in the most productive way possible. Please check out the Wellstone website at to see the general outline of their camps but please contact Operation Turn DuPage Blue if you wish to attend the Aug 3-5 Camp. Things are happening in DuPage and the final goal is to beat Republicans by getting more Dems on the street. OTDB is, and has always been, incredibly committed to doing just that and will continue to work in concert with anyone or any group who shares that goal.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The word is spreading....

Over at Prairie State Blue, blogger Michael in Chicago (who is actually in DuPage) has some good words to say about O:TDB.
I've had enough. Support Operation Turn DuPage Blue. The only way we are going to defeat the likes of Peter Roskam is to start by getting rid of party leaders locally who think they are in any position to dictate to anyone, especially those willing to help.

There's much more at the link. Thanks, Michael.