Thursday, January 24, 2008

Encouraging numbers

This information comes from Jon at DuPage Democrats HQ, who in turn got it from the election committers. As of closing on January 21, the following numbers of early voting ballots have been cast:

Democratic - 2661
Republican - 2000
Nonpartisan - 33
Green - 6

There are, of course, a number of possible explanations for this. Maybe Democrats are more likely to vote early. Maybe Republicans are voting absentee, or maybe a substantial number are crossing over because they don't like their party's Presidential choices this year. But it's hard to look at these numbers and not be optimistic about our chances for turning DuPage blue in the fall.


Patsy said...

Watched 60 Minutes yesterday and would like to get involved in Operation: Turn DuPage Blue. How do I do that?

Gary Kleppe said...

You can go here and give us your contact information, and Amy or someone else will get back to you. Beating the Republicans in November will be a very difficult task and we're grateful to have you with us.