Friday, September 14, 2007

Michelle Barton Agrees To First Vice-Chair Slot on Ticket with Bob Peickert for DuPage County Democratic Party Leadership

Michelle Barton, Naperville Township Democratic Organization Vice-Chair for Volunteer Coordination, has agreed to run for the position of First Vice-Chair of the DuPage County Democratic Party along with Chair candidate Bob Peickert, First Vice-Chair of Addison Township and Chair of Operation: Turn DuPage Blue.

“Michelle Barton is an emerging superstar within the DuPage Democratic Party. Michelle was supportive of my initial offer to Rob Bisceglie. When Rob declined, I didn’t hesitate calling Michelle,” stated Peickert, who also praised her for organizing the Naperville Labor Day parade that had over 100 Democrats marching together. “That says it all about Michelle. Her ability to bring people together is what made this any easy choice.”

In her presentation at the Naperville Township fundraiser, Barton challenged the crowd by saying: “Ask not what Democrats can do for you, but what you can do for Democrats throughout DuPage County. We are at a turning point, and Democracy is not a spectator sport. It means rolling up our sleeves, picking up phones, talking to neighbors, and getting people out to vote.”

Barton said she will continue to work with the Naperville Township Democratic Organization in her role as Volunteer Coordinator, which includes precinct committeeman recruitment. Peickert said that he and Barton will work together on a plan for the county structure. “Michelle and I are in complete agreement on the need to broaden the party structure so that more people are involved from the existing county leadership, township organizations, OTDB, and all interested Democrats.”

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