Monday, September 10, 2007

A note from Naperville Township Chair Tom Wronski, newest OTDB Steering Committee member

Dear Operation Turn DuPage Blue:

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Operation Turn DuPage Blue for the assistance it has provided to the Naperville Township Democratic Organization, and to commend the organization for its fine efforts.

Bob Peickert, Amy Tauchman and the folks at OTDB are doing excellent work. Their "roll-up our sleeves and get to work" approach is inspiring. Although the Naperville Township Democratic Organization adheres to a policy of "self-sufficiency" -- that is, we do not ask for help from outside organizations if at all possible -- OTDB has repeatedly reached out to the NTDO on a "proactive" basis. Most recently, OTDB sent a large contingent to the Naperville Labor Day parade. One of our key members, Michelle Barton, is also an OTDB member. OTDB has done these things without setting pre-conditions for the assistance, and without asking for anything from NTDO in return. That is my definition of leadership.

As we have discussed, my focus is strictly limited to building the Democratic Party in the Naperville area, and I have no plans to, or interest in becoming involved in DuPage County Democratic politics outside of this sphere. Nonetheless, I have decided to accept your invitation to serve on the OTDB steering committee because I appreciate your proactive approach, and I anticipate that serving on your steering committee will further benefit the NTDO.

The fact that I have joined the OTDB steering committee should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any particular candidate who may be seeking, or may in the future seek, an elected position within the Democratic Party in DuPage County -- either by me personally, or by me in my official capacity as NTDO Chair. Indeed, I look forward to continuing to work with OTDB, and with all Democratic, Labor and like-minded organizations that share our goals, and I recognize the efforts and great strides being made by others to build up the Democratic Party in DuPage County.

Once again, thank you OTDB for all of your hard work.


Thomas J. Wronski


From Operation: Turn DuPage Blue Chair Bob Peickert:

We are extremely pleased to have Tom serve on our steering committee, and we appreciate his comments about the work of OTDB. We look forward to working with Tom and the Naperville Township Democratic Organization to elect Democrats in 2008.

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