Friday, February 22, 2008

Crunching Numbers

While Democrats in all nine DuPage townships are doing good work that deserves to be recognized, let's look at a few different measures to see where Democrats are doing the best:

A: Highest Democratic Ballots Pulled Per Registered Voter

1. York (25.6%)
2. Lisle (24.6%)
3. Addison (24.2%)

B: Lowest Republican Ballots Pulled Per Registered Voter

Low score wins here, like in golf.

1. Bloomingdale (14.8%)
2. Addison (16.2%)
3. Naperville (16.9%)

C: Highest Ratio of Democratic to Republican Ballots

1. Bloomingdale (1.54)
2. Addison (1.50)
3. Naperville (1.39)


FightforJustice said...

So is it fair to conclude that Bloomingdale is the most Democratic leaning township, based upon Feb. 5?

Gary Kleppe said...

We report, you decide. :) There are several different measures you could use to define "Democratic leaning", and I listed three of them. Draw your own conclusions. Democratic turnout in Bloomingdale wasn't particularly high as compared with other townships but Republican turnout there was substantially lower than anywhere else in the county, so maybe it'd be more accurate to say that Bloomingdale is the least Republican-leaning township, at least judging by this latest election.

Anonymous said...

Bloomingdale voters are simply apathetic. But based on the results of the February primary, I say the township's up for grabs.

Anonymous said...

Anon above got it right: apathy. Republicans will have to work very hard to make sure voters don't go Democratic across the board. The shenanigans in Cook County and state politics prove DuPage is still a Republican safe haven.

Gary Kleppe said...

Republicans always want to talk about Cook County or Springfield. Why not about Washington DC? Because we've seen the result from Republicans controlling all three branches of government: Unnecessary war, huge debt, the dollar and the economy in the toilet, unprecedented levels of every kind of corruption you could name. One look at Bush and his cronies ought to be enough to convince anyone that Republicans should never be put in charge of anything.

Anonymous said...

By the logic of poor performance in government, there's more than enough basis to kick both of the parties out. They BOTH collude every 10 years (more often in Texas, at least recently) to create as many "safe" (read undemocratic - "your vote doesn't count") congressional districts for each party as possible. They don't just do this in Springfield, but in virtually all states, which contributes to polarization and dysfunction in Congress. And that's a big factor why the dems have traditionally been unsuccessful in the W. Burbs - their/our districts have been gerrymandered. But do the local dem leaders have the guts/spine/whatever to call the Cook Co. dems and state leadership on this? Not that I've seen. Please provide any evidence to the contrary, Gary. thanks.