Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Election results, and random thoughts (continued)

IL-14 is also a contested race, though it is mostly outside of Dupage. In Dupage alone, Bill Foster is comfortably ahead, and in the district as a whole Foster, barring any recounts, has narrowly edged out last year's nominee John Laesch.

Now let's look at our opposition on the Republican side. John McCain takes the Republican Presidential vote in Dupage with 57090 votes out of 107769, and seems poised to win the Republican presidential nomination. As always, with any mention of McCain we should put up this picture:

In the Senatorial race, physician Steve Sauerberg wins the Republican nomination and the honor of being stomped flat by Dick Durbin in November. Judy Biggert (R-13) defeats challenger Sean O'Kane. Noted milk magnate and homophobe Jim Oberweis wins the nomination in IL-14, and will face Foster in the special election to succeed Dennis Hastert.

In the County Board primaries, most of which were contested on the Republican side, inertia prevails, as incumbents defeat challengers. The exception to this is in District Four, where incumbent Thomas F. Bennington is knocked off by Woodridge trustee John Curran. These results are, one would surmise, bad news for County Board chair Schillerstrom, who backed Bennington as well as a number of challengers.


Anonymous said...

Help me understand why DuPage County Board District 2 was won by O'Shea and Sheahnan when the votes were cast as follows:

Barbara Dahl: 17,593
Max J. Havlick: 15,142
O'Shea: 9774
Sheahnan: 8992

Gary Kleppe said...

Because this is only the primary. O'Shea and Sheahan won the Republican nomination against challengers Manzo and Fitzpatrick. Dahl and Havlick won the Democratic nomination uncontested. The four of them will compete for the actual office in the general election in November.