Sunday, August 19, 2007

Peickert reaches out to county, believes OTDB offers important 'blueprint' for success

by Bob Peickert

I have announced my candidacy for chair of the Democratic Party of DuPage County. When Operation: Turn DuPage Blue began early this year, I had no idea of the impact that it would have. I also had no idea that we would reach the number of Democrats that we have in this short period of time. I only wish that this was started years ago. We continue to grow and we continue to give hope to the DuPage Democrats who had little before OTDB began.

If we are to succeed in 2008, the campaign started by OTDB must continue. This is why I decided to accept the challenge presented to me by the OTDB Steering Committee and run for chair of the county organization. OTDB has succeeded because of the team approach that was created. OTDB has assembled a team of experienced, talented and determined Democrats who have a will to win and they see OTDB as the organization that will make that happen.

However, nobody can achieve what we all want by doing it alone. OTDB can’t do it alone. The county can’t do it alone. If elected I will work to bring together the people from the county, township organizations and OTDB to get the job done.

Prior to making my decision public, I reached out to DuPage Party Vice-Chair Rob Bisceglie and asked him to be my running mate. I believe we could make a great team atop a re-energized and ready-to-win party structure that maximizes the possibilities for all residents of the region, from Democratic activists to anyone open to exploring how much happier a "blue" future can be.

I have yet to hear back from Rob regarding my request and hope that he will choose to partner with me in my bid.

Thank you to everyone who has already offered me their support, from the crowd at our fundraiser Friday night to others in the Democratic community who have gotten in touch. Together, to victory in 2008 and beyond!

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